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Written on Monday, December 29, 2008 by @nadiarizqi

Speed browsing is very important, because all the content in the Internet network at this time is more complex.

Multimedia-access either to download a variety of data such as image, video, software, database company, which is the essential purpose in the routines of human life and business.

The speed of Internet access is supported bandwidth capacity, the ability internet provider, and the computer to its end user.

One of the media data transfer is fast with the media fiber / optical fiber from Biznet Networks.

Fiber or fiber optics that was first developed in the year 1970 is a sheet of optically pure glass setipis human hair, which can take and bring information to a digital remote.

Compared with ordinary copper cable, fiber optics has a data transfer speeds up to gigabit higher.

Bandwidth capacity of up to larger billion bits per second and enables us to perform non-stop browsing, download, play games from the internet connectivity is not lost without the need to refresh the browser.

With optical fiber connections do not interfere elektromagnetik waves, so that a telephone conversation to be more clear.

This technology offered by Biznet Network has launched a broadband internet service using fiber-optic cable network for business and housing market.

Metro fiber network can provide to home triple play service consisting of Internet and intranet, voice over internet protocol (VOIP), interactive TV, and multimedia in one infrastructure.

Biznet is building fiber-optic construction in all areas of Central Jakarta District, in the nearly 200 office buildings, apartments and shopping malls.
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