Apple Launches Their Newest Browser

Written on Wednesday, February 25, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

What browser are you using? Firefox? or IE which already available in your windows? For you, lovers of safari browser, Apple has recently launched the newest version of Safari 4. In fact, he said the browser is faster than Google Chrome or Firefox.

Here are the new features available in the Safari 4:
* Top Sites - these sites display the most frequently visited pages in a preview of the captivating so users can visit their favorite sites with just 1 click (similar to that offered such as Opera and Chrome, but more beautiful)
* Full history search - allows users to search for the title, URL, or text on the page you visited some time ago
* Cover flow - create a web of history or bookmarks as the album in iTunes music
* Tabs on Top - tab management tool with a better and more intuitive button to open a new tab
* Smart address field - automatically complete the URL with the web showing the recommendation of the Top Sites, web history and bookmarks in the view easy to read
* Smart search field - users can create a keyword search through the more accurate the recommendations Google Suggest or searches been done
* Full page zoom - to enjoy the site pages without reducing the quality of regulation and the text page
* Already resemble debugging and optimization tools for website developers

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