Aussie Google phone will launch after redesign

Written on Saturday, February 28, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

After the first Google Android phone in Australia originally planned to launch on December 15 last year, then pushed back to January 29, Kogan Technologies then delayed the launch indefinitely, citing ?potential future interoperability issues?.

And now, Kogan is back, according to the Android Community:

…founder Ruslan Kogan claiming that their new model will be more like the Apple iPhone in design, with a large 3.8-inch touchscreen for Android to roam freely across. Midnight Update?s Seamus has interviewed Kogan (you can see the video below), who insists that the device will hit the market and, after that, gets to play with an Agora prototype to confirm that it actually exists in more than just renders.

The Kogan Agora, when available, it will be another smartphone powered by Google’s Android OS. Kogan showed off a working prototype of the device at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas recently.

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