Majesco Entertainment Announces KarmaStar Game for iPhone and iPod Touch

Written on Thursday, March 26, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

Majesco Entertainment today announced KarmaStar for the iPhone and iPod Touch. A light-hearted strategy game that lasts about 10 minutes, KarmaStar challenges players to maneuver through life against two opponents in just eight turns to build up personal traits and make opportunistic use of Wildcards and Bonus Scores. Just like real life, the game supports different paths to victory. KarmaStar is now available for purchase through Apple’s iTunes Store for $4.99.

As players advance through each stage in KarmaStar, they must build up five personal traits -Health, Mind, People, Love, and Money - and overcome obstacles from each phase of human existence. The game is a combination of immediate tactics, longer-term planning and luck. All the while, players must make decisions about how they treat other players when faced with an assortment of life’s most embarrassing and triumphant moments. Building traits early can pay off later and players will learn that sacrifices can sometimes lead to greater rewards.

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  1. aR_eRos |

    duh kapan ya diriku punya aipot
    mbok ya temennya ini *ngaku2* di doain biar cepet punya aipot hehe


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