SanDisk slotRadio player launching to much fanfare on March 31st

Written on Saturday, March 21, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

Oh, wait.... we were just kidding about the whole "to much fanfare" bit. SanDisk's slotRadio player, which we're still struggling to understand, is all set to ship on March 31st after debuting alongside a gazillion other gadgets at CES. For those who've forced themselves to forget, this microSD music player can handle your own jams on your own microSD card, or alternatively, can accept pre-loaded Billboard hits cards which house over 1,000 songs that are nicely categorized by genre.

It'll be available from SanDisk's own website on March 31st for $99 (which includes a card with over a thousand songs), and it should be ready to ruin Father's Day when it slips into Radio Shack locations shortly thereafter.

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  1. gdenarayana |

    waduh keren banget nie ;)

    wehhh ampir $100 yakkk harganya :D


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