YouTube Releases Native Youtube Software for Windows Mobile and S60 Phones

Written on Sunday, March 22, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

For those smartphone users without a native YouTube software available, YouTube team has developed a native software themselves for Windows Mobile and S60 phones. Both version has been optimized for mobile devices, allow you to browse and watch Youtube videos anywhere, anytime.

According to the development team, the new YouTube software is now faster in starting up and searching. Its video quality will be automatically tweaked according to your WiFi or 3G connection status. You can now visit on your mobile devices to download the software for free. A list of the supported S60 devices can be checked here

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  1. khafi |

    native tuh apa mbak??

  2. Ifoel |

    youtube skrg bisa di akses via mobile ya..? atw..?? g ngerti nih.. cos g bisa ber cas cis cus... hehehe

  3. spydeeyk |

    wah.. saya masih pake HP monochrome.. kwakwakwakwa.. :D

  4. pakdejack |

    haduh, saya koq sama ya sama mas haris :(

  5. afiszone |

    Aduh ... Percuma aja kalau bandwithnya pas2san.

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