AEE boasts that its new "Mini DV" camera is the "world's smallest"

Written on Saturday, April 18, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

AEE Wireless' new "Mini DV" camera may or may not actually be the "world's smallest" video camera (alright, it's probably not), but it certainly has a strong claim to the title of least imaginatively-named, and it is, in fact, pretty darn small. What's more, unlike some other world's smallest cameras, this one is actually a full-fledged consumer device, including some controls, a built-in lithium-ion battery, a USB connection, and a microSD card slot, which handles all of the storage duties as the company has ditched any internal memory to keep the size down.

You'll even get some full 640 x 480, 30 fps video out of the thing, plus some 2-megapixel JPEG images. Interestingly, while an official price is a bit hard to come by, a number of online retailers already seem to be offering the camera for between $85 and $159.

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