Savant's new Rosie Virtual Control uses your home for the interface, your car to impress girls

Written on Friday, June 12, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

Home automation fans, head's up: Savant is cooking up a new Rosie control interface that replaces traditional menus and icons with actual 360 degree photos of your location. Users turn on a light, f'rinstance, by touching the light that they want to activate, and control the dimmer switch by swiping up or down. The heart of the system is a rather familiar-looking 9-inch capacitive touchscreen device that displays the current location on the majority of the screen, with the other rooms scrolling across the bottom.

Currently being pimped by the company at its Dealer Conference in Hyannis, there is no word on release date or cost, but we're guessing it's gonna be rather pricey -- the service includes a visit by the company's Professional Services Division, who photograph your home for you. Just make sure you straighten up a bit before they arrive. See the thing in the action after the break.

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