EATR robots claim to be vegetarian... sure

Written on Thursday, July 23, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

Alnect Komputer : Usually when we freak out about the coming of killer robots, nobody bothers to disagree with our histrionics, which is in itself a comforting sign that we're overreacting. On the other hand, if the makers of a chainsaw-wielding robot take the time to point out that it is not a flesh-eating harbinger of the apocalypse, well... Cyclone Power and Robotic Technologies, the companies behind the weaponized EATR drone, have put together a joint press release to comfort us all that the biomass-harvesting machine will be exclusively vegetarian, meaning it would only feed on "renewable plant matter" and not the bodies littering the battlefield.

There's no reason not to believe them, though you should remember that in the eyes of a robot, humans are renewable too.

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