Laptop Battery Express' external battery works with 10,000 laptop models, just not yours

Written on Saturday, August 29, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

If you're toting a new laptop with non-removable battery then you've got an obvious problem: it will run out of juice, likely at the moment you need it most. That's Murphy's law. Fortunately, a number of vendors have started to introduce these external battery packs designed exclusively for laptops. The practically named Universal External Laptop Battery from Laptop Battery Express ships with enough interchangeable tips to provide an extra 4 hours (rated at 66Wh) of power to thousands of laptops from just about any of the big-boy brands you can think of. There's even a USB port for topping-off your cellphone or portable media player. Unfortunately, the most notorious fixed-battery laptop, the MacBook Pro, is not supported. Ah well, that's just more business for Hypermac, eh? One more glamor-shot after the break.

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