Nikon D3000 summons up courage to get tested, needn't have worried

Written on Sunday, August 30, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

The best thing to be said about the Nikon D3000 is that it's simple. It's a camera that knows who it's aimed at -- first time or amateur DSLR users -- and makes direct provisions for that audience by automating as much as possible. Simple to understand, simple to use. Having undergone a grueling review session, it can now boast about its Photography Blog-approved image quality, solid body construction and actually useful extras like 3D subject tracking, 11-point AF, built-in lens cleaning, and an accelerometer that rotates menu items when you turn the camera for a portrait shot. The lack of live view or video recording might prove a stumbling block for some, but the reviewers found this shooter compelling enough to give it their "Highly Recommended" badge of honor.

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