SpinVox powers first Skype voicemail to text

Written on Monday, March 09, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

SpinVox announces the availability of voicemail to text conversion for all Skype voicemail users. The software will convert your Skype’s voice messages to text in English, Spanish, French and German. The messages are then sent by Skype as an SMS text directly to a designated mobile phone for users to read.

Skype users can now benefit from instant ?visible voicemail’, and never miss those important calls from friends or colleagues when they are away from Skype. Recipients of converted voicemail messages can listen to the full voice message by either signing into Skype or by calling their Skype To Go number. As well as being able to receive voicemail as text via SpinVox, Skype users may choose instead to receive voicemail notification via SMS or for free by email.

Each voicemail to text conversion will cost $0.25 plus the cost of sending an SMS at standard low Skype rates. Additional SMS charges ? a maximum of 3 - may apply depending on the length of the voicemail message.All payments are made fuss-free through Skype Credit. Users have a choice to set a limit on the number of voicemail conversions received per day and to receive messages from people only in their contact list to help them manage their Skype credit.

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  1. Diary Pink |

    wah.. saya gak pake skype lagi...

    btw makasih ya udah berkunjung dan kasih komentar...

  2. ipanks |

    udah lama nih ga pake skype.kapan2 coba maenan skype lagi ah.makasih infonya dan makasih udah mampir

  3. suryaden |

    update info nih, makasih banget

  4. spydeeyk |

    tp ada cost nya yah.. he2.. harus bener2 dipake untuk bisnis klo mo pake fasilitas gt, klo saya biasanya pake untuk personal aja.. :D

  5. thom |

    Comentator yang diatas udah pada pernah make..
    Aku babar blaZz.. belum pernah make e.

    Lagian mahal tuh, $0,25.. 3rebu perak dun -_-"
    mahal bener...
    belum klo kena pajak T_T
    bisa nangis darah dun klo laris skype-nya

  6. Jejak petualang |

    It's nice. But I think it's too expensive for converting voicemail. to text mail that costs 0.25 $. But it's a good innovation anyway.

  7. denologis |

    i use skype only to call with my family at US. :)

  8. Berita Internet Marketing |

    it's a very good feature, but too bad it's not free.

  9. sparkzspot |

    Hi friend.. Interesting post.. Nice blog with great stuffs.. Keep up the good work.. Do visit my blog and post your comments.. Take care.. Cheers mate!!!

  10. Narmadi |

    I'm not using skype yet...

  11. Brandal Surga |

    Sering bantuin orang install skype..tapi sampe skrg malah blom pernah pake skype hehe...
    Thx udah berkomentar di blog saya ya..

  12. diah |

    skype..udah lama nggak makai...udah keasikan ngeblog sieh ..:)

  13. aR_eRos |

    meski banyak layanan chat saya masih setia dengan YM hehe


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