Archos event June 11th: 5-inch Android tablet with voice expected

Written on Tuesday, May 19, 2009 by @nadiarizqi

This one's a bit of a stretch but totally plausible. Archos just announced a press conference in Paris on June 11th -- that's a fact. However, the choice of Android-green in the invite above has caused widespread speculation that we'll be getting a first peep at Archos' heavily rumored Android-based device. Remember, TI was kind enough to give us the full specs on a 10-mm thin Archos Internet Media Tablet "with all the functionalities of a premium smartphone" back in February.

At that time, TI listed specs like a 5-inch high-resolution screen, Adobe Flash support, TV recording, HD playback, 500GB of storage, 7 hours of video playback off battery, voice and HSUPA data radio all powered by a smokin' OMAP3440 processor from TI. If true then we can expect to see the device hinted at in the invite launch in Q3.

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